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To give spoken word poetry artist, literature lovers, students and even common people a place where they can find ideas,thoughts and entertainment through poems that is presented through words.

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  • I’m Done with the Site
    Today is pasahan dayy naaa ! Di ko na kailangan magdagdag ! Sa wakas tapos na ako hahahah I'm overflowing with joyyy ! yeyyy hahahahaha But still salamat ma'am coz I had fun creating thisss !!
  • My experience as an artist
    The life of a spoken word artist is a bit fun and a bit stressful. There are so many ups and downs, especially when competing with other artists. Actually, for me, spoken word is not something you compete with others. I don't really like competing because spoken word artist have different styles and contents but … Read more
  • Sharing my sadness
    Sharing my sadness Nowadays, it makes me feel sad when people thinks of words and rhymes more than the meanings when they write poems. They focus on the things that matters less like "Will it sound good?" or "Is it what they want to hear?". Poets depend on their hearts and not other peoples desires. … Read more

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Own Performances

This is my spoken word performance on June 30, 2019 in our church Capitol City Baptist Church

This is our performance in our church 3 years ago with my 2 friends. We performed it in front of young people who loves God and love peers.

Suggested Performances

Here are some good spoken word performed and written by brian vee, one of my favorite spoken word artists

Tagpuan is a spoken word poetry about the two characters, how they met each other, how one of them has forgotten the other despite of everything he did for him and in the end, the character is revealed and despite of everything, he is still ready to listen. It all happened in the place where they first met .

This spoken word performance is so powerful that it moved my heart. It answers the question when are you going to be ready for love, when will each of you be ready. It is a great performance with a wonderful story. This is one of my favorite piece. Watch this and your perspective could change.

This performance will reveal one’s true purpose. Of course, we have different purposes but when you hear this performance, it could help you find and answer you WHYs regarding the reason why you are alive. Great performance, please watch

A strong piece created with his fellow warriors encouraging them not to remain stagnant and keep the status quo.
It gives an encouragement to our fellow Christians to step up their faith and move forward because they aren’t alone in the battle for the hearts.